FAQ: Plumbing/Gas

Hints about Plumbing/Gas Permits & More

If you seek clarification about plumbing and gas permits in the Central Alberta area, IJD Inspections Ltd. is here to help. You can browse our most frequently asked questions below or contact us for more direct assistance.

Plumbing permits are required for installing, renewing or changing any plumbing equipment or plumbing system except replacement of a fixture, water heater, faucet, trap or valve, if there is no change in the piping system. For more information on permits, go to the Plumbing Permits page.

Gas permits are required to install, alter or make additions to any residential gas installation except replacement of a gas range, dryer or hot water tank, if there is no change made to the piping or venting. Commercial installations, alterations and appliance replacements always require a permit. For more information on permits, visit our Gas Permits page.

Yes, if there are alterations to the venting or gas piping, then a permit is required.

Minimum Cover Requirements

Note: Minimum cover means the distance between the top surface of the conductor, cable, raceway or conduit and the finished grade. 36” minimum cover is required for main service conductors ahead of the main breaker. Electrical and Gas lines can be run in the same trench.


Residential Inspection Stages

If you’re seeking new single-family residential homeowner permits, learn when to call for inspections.

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