FAQ: Private Sewage

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Sewage Systems

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Any renovation, addition or alteration to an existing private sewage disposal system requires a permit. When a system is changed, it then must conform to the private sewage standard in effect.

 Minimum distance requirements are as follows:

Septic Tanks or Sewage Holding Tanks shall not be located within:

  • 1m (3.25’) from property line or from any building
  • 10m (33’) from any water source or water course

No part of the Disposal Field measured from any part of a trench shall be located within:

  • 1.5m (5’) from any property line
  • 15m (50’) from any water source or water course
  • 5m (17′) from a septic tank or package treatment plant
  • 10m (33’) from any basement, cellar or crawl space
  • 1m (3.25’) from any non-basement building or does not have a permanent foundation
  • 5m (17′) from a building that has a permanent foundation but no basement, cellar, or crawlspace

No part of a Treatment Mound shall be located within:

  • 3m (10’) from any property line
  • 15m (50’) from any water source or water course
  • 3m (10’) from a septic tank
  • 10m (33’) from any basement, cellar or any non-basement building

An Effluent discharge to the ground surface shall not be located within:

  • 50m (165’) from any water source
  • 45m (150’) from a water course or from a building
  • 90m (300’) from any property line

A Lagoon that serves a single dwelling or duplex shall not be located within:

  • 100m (330’) from any water source or water course
  • 45m (150’) from a building
  • 30m (100’) from any property line

On a Property that adjoins a permanent body of water such as a lake, river, stream, or

creek, the effluent disposal component of a private sewage system shall be located:

  • Not less than 90m (300’) from the shore of the body of water or
  • Where a principal building is located between the system and a body of water, the distance may be reduced to the minimum distance requirements for that method of treatment and disposal.

All measurements shall be taken from the outside of the Berm, where the side slope of the Berm intersects with the natural grade.

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