Private Sewage

What You Need to Know about Private Sewage Permits

Installing a private sewage disposal system can be a tremendous undertaking.

Do I Need a Private Sewage Disposal Systems Permit?

A private sewage disposal systems permit (PSDS) is required for a private sewage disposal system undertaking.

Before You Apply

The Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2015 (SOP) provides the performance objectives, design standards and material requirements related to onsite system designs. The SOP 2015 is available from the Safety Codes Council by visiting

Permit Applications

Complete the permit application form including a detailed description of the project or occupancy to be covered by the permit, project location, names, addresses and phone numbers of the project owner and contractor. Applicant name and signature are required. All permit applications must include the system design details.


Applying for a PSDS Permit

For new construction projects, please see our private sewage disposal permit application checklist!

IMPORTANT: Please use the PSDS Permit Application Document Checklist. Failure to submit the required documentation, as per the 2015 Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standards of Practice, may result in your permit application being refused.



Apply for Permit

PSDS Soil Profile Log Form

Lot Diagram Form


* Note: Most project types require a Certified Private Sewage Installer, certification number and signature except for a homeowner who resides in a single family residential dwelling if the private sewage disposal system serves the dwelling.


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