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Electrical Inspection Questions & More

Wading through obtaining all of the necessary electrical permits for a construction project can often be a confusing process. If you seek clarification in the Central Alberta area, IJD Inspections Ltd. is here to help. You can browse our most frequently asked questions below or contact us for more direct assistance.

Electrical permits are required for installing, replacing, removing, connecting, disconnecting or repairing electrical work except replacing fuses, receptacles, switches and utilization equipment with proper respective units of a similar type where the replacement can be made without other modifications to the installation. For more information on permits, please see our Electrical Permits page.

Call for an electrical inspection a minimum of five business days prior to drywalling or occupancy.

If you are not 100% sure of what you are doing, hire someone that does or purchase the Electrical Code Simplified book. It is a great do-it-yourself guide! We typically have a few available for purchase at our office. It will be the best $25 you have ever spent.

Electrical Code Information for Homeowners

If a Permit is being applied for a project that is now complete, be aware that the work being covered by the Permit must comply with all CURRENT Code Regulations that are in effect at the time of Permit issuance.

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Residential Inspection Stages

If you’re seeking new single-family residential homeowner permits, learn when to call for inspections.

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